Oct 30, 2014

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What Parents Should Shop For When Raising Their Children As Pagans

What Parents Should Shop For When Raising Their Children As Pagans

There are many Pagan stores and websites that will provide parents with a number of fine materials that they can use to not only stay true to their Pagan values but to also help their children live with the Pagan faith. These are important places that can offer many fine freebies and other gifts but it is important when getting such freebies and related items to know what is out there.

Parents who want to go to places like Savingista.com should take a careful look at what they should look for when buying Pagan-related products for their children to have. Here’s a few sensible things to look for if you are trying to get some fine products to have for your children. These are perfectly suitable products that will help children learn about why the faith is so important.

Books About the Faith

It is often best for parents to buy books about the Pagan faith for their children to use. These books can help children learn all about how the faith works and how it is not a harmful religion like what so many believe. Children can learn about the importance of the deities in the faith and how the religion operates based on the works of nature and other key aspects.

incenseIncense Helps

Many Pagan rituals are designed with the use of incense as a key part of them all. Incense is designed to calm the body and to allow all people to meditate and focus on their prayers. It is essential for children to understand why incense is so essential for the functions that come with the Pagan faith at large.

Useful Statues

Statues might not sound important to some but they can make a difference as they will be seen as symbols of the gods. Statues of the gods and the symbols of the faith are important as children will learn firsthand about what they are to worship and why it is so important to worship them at large. If you allow your children to see what they are worshiping then they will start to get a good connection with those items and therefore become more respectful of them.

dreamcatcherLook For Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are especially great gifts to get children from places like Savingista.com. A dream catcher is a material that can be hung on one’s bed. It will consist of a metal base and some feathers hanging off of it. The purpose of the dream catcher is to ward off all the nightmares that a child might experience. This is all to help a child feel more comfortable about getting to sleep without worrying about the risks that might come with certain creatures or negative thoughts coming in the way.

All of these products are useful ones that parents can buy when it comes to getting children to learn about the importance of the Pagan faith. If parents can provide their children with these products then they will understand that the Pagan faith is a positive one that they can easily get behind.

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Oct 17, 2014

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Teach Blessings To Your Children

Teach Blessings To Your Children

The blessings of the Pagan faith are among the most important teachings that parents in the faith can give to their children. These blessings relate to the requests for the gods and goddesses of the faith to bless everyone and to give them peace in their lives. These are simple prayers that are harmless and mean nothing more than positive messages of thanks to the deities to encourage them to continue to support the children who are in the faith.

What Are Blessings?

Blessings are simple prayers that are not too long and will allow people to get in touch with the gods and goddesses in the Pagan faith. The purpose of such blessings is to allow people to be at one with the faith and to ask for many positive things in one’s life.

These blessings are similar to what people might find in many other religions. While the gods of the Pagan faith are different from what’s in other religions, the message of thanks and peaceful gratitude are still the same.

Why People Give Blessings

There are many reasons why so many give blessings to these deities. They often do this as a means of thanking them for their lives and for giving them the opportunity to make a difference in the world. This is also to remind themselves that the gods and goddesses are always going to be there for their needs and that they will be happy with what they have gotten into in their lives.

Any Specifics?

blessings02An interesting part of these blessings is that they are not necessarily supposed to be for any specific god or goddess. They are just given to the heavens in general as a means of thanking them for life.

The key is to keep a sense of positivity. While many children will get freebies from the land and nature, they need to be respectful of the freebies and how they came about. This is to allow them to stay positive and to be happy with the faith at large.

Changing Blessings Works Too

Sometimes the blessings that children may give in the faith will have to be changed. This is often done as a means of adjusting the blessings to the specific circumstances that these children are in.

Blessings may be adjusted based on the surroundings that a child is in. For instance, children in a rural environment may give blessings to the Pagan gods for the trees, the waters and the skies. Children in urban areas may give the same blessings to them for the parks, the roads and the many opportunities that the city will give them on a daily basis.

The blessings that are to be given in the Pagan faith can be a critical aspect of life in the Pagan faith. Children who are in this faith can use these blessings as a means of showing that they are respectful for the gods and goddesses. All Pagan parents should teach their children about how to work with such blessings at an early age so they can develop healthy habits that they can use throughout their lives.

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Oct 3, 2014

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All Pagan Parents Have First Amendment Rights

All Pagan Parents Have First Amendment Rights

The problem that many Pagan parents have these days is that they are people who are often analyzed far too closely. They are often seen as people who are rather dangerous to be around. However, the fact is that Pagan parents and children are not people who should be feared in any manner.

The truth is that Pagan parents and children have the freedom to follow the Pagan faith. This is thanks to their First Amendment rights.

A Key Amendment

The First Amendment states that all people in the country have the right to follow any religion that they have an interest in. What this means is that is a person wishes to follow the Pagan faith then there is no reason why that person cannot do so. If anyone refuses to allow a person to follow the faith then that party might be acting against the constitution.

This might sound like a generic statement but the fact is that Pagan parents are not going to be at risk of harm because they help their children to follow the faith. After all, one of the best parts of this country is that everyone can follow any religion they desire and not be persecuted for it like in some other parts of the world.

The Courts Say So

Parenting1The courts of the United States also say that the First Amendment will protect parents from issues relating to their faith. One such case that reached the Supreme Court of Ohio that is worth discovering is the 1992 case of Pater v. Pater. This say that the custody of a child between parents who are getting a divorce cannot be done based on the religious affiliation of a parent. In other words, if one parent is a Pagan then that parent will still have the equal potential to have custody of one’s child in the event that a marriage does not go as well as hoped.

Simply put, other groups cannot get freebies for treating other faiths as being different because any self-appointed freebies for taking care of religious considerations are not welcome in today’s society at large. This is a critical aspect of life today and is something worth exploring in all situations.

Search and Seizure Laws Are Controlled Too

On a related note, search and seizure laws state that Pagan parents cannot be targeted simply because of their faith. They will have the right to raise their children in a Pagan environment without any consequences. This is a big part of raising a child that will be to any parent’s advantage if it is done right. The simple key is for a parent to make sure one is responsible and careful when raising a child. The Pagan faith is not going to be a negative influence on the child no matter how people think the faith might seem like.

The important thing to summarize here is that all Pagan parents will have full rights for having children as they are based off of the government’s protection of all religious values. If anyone tries to infringe upon someone who is trying to follow the Pagan faith then that person will just be breaking the law.

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