House Cleansing Ritual

Yesterday, in the midst of the craziness that my book review for My New Mommy, I found my house, well, crazy. The energy was off, much more than usual.


I was short tempered, my friends who came were stressed…usually my house is a sanctuary from stress, not the harbinger of it. This is why my friends chose here to start their business, and brought me along with them.


So, I give you… my “House cleansing, negativity banishing, positive energy raising ritual”. A long name, but an accurate one.


Tools needed:

Bell(this can be omitted for a simple sage smudging, just ignore the bell portion below. I suggest the bell, though, as I find it more effective.)

Smudge stick(preferably white sage, though cedar will work as well)

Athame(a wand will suffice)

Lighting device(lighter/matches)

Clear intent(this is a standard for all rituals. Without clear intent, the effects become diluted)




You can choose to sweep the area to be cleansed, or vacuum the rugs. You may choose to do a light dusting or cleaning. You may choose to use this ritual after a full out Spring cleaning. You can do it with your house as is. The actual cleanliness or amount of clutter in your house does not matter, though dirty and cluttered houses tend to need to be cleansed more often.

Identify which direction is North from inside your house. Place a firesafe bowl by your front door. This will be needed later.

I do suggest you make sure there is a clear and unblocked path to each part of the house that needs to be cleansed.

You may or may not choose to wear your ritual garb. If you don’t have ritual garb, I suggest wearing white, as it invites positive energy.



If your athame has a belt clip/sheath, use it. You will not need the athame until the end. If you do not have an athame that can be attached to your person, place it on the floor in front of the front door of your house.

Start at the front door. Light your smudge stick. A note: I tuck the lighter in my pocket(my ritual robes have pockets), but the waist or your pants or a bra strap will do just fine. You may need this later if your smudge stick decides it’s done smudging before you are. I had to relight twice(as you can see, my sage is tightly bundled, which can affect smoldering time).


Ring the bell three times with your dominate hand(the one you write with), in a widdershins(counter clockwise) circle: Speak: “I ring this bell, one, twice, thrice to banish negativity.”*

Walk the room around three times, deosil(clockwise), with the sage high in the air: Speak: “I smudge this sage(cedar) to cleanse this place, and  invite positivity.”*

Stop in the center and face north: Speak: “Lord and Lady(you may insert your patron god/goddess here instead), I call to thee, bless this space, So Mote It Be.”*


Repeat for every room to be cleansed.After every room is cleansed, continue smudging all the way back to the front door. When you arrive, ring your bell three times again, and set it down. Wave your smudge stick in a vertical circle in front of you, as if to create a ring of smoke. Place it in the bowl you placed earlier. Take your athame, unsheathed and hold it in your dominant hand.


Take it and trace a pentacle in the air in front of you, starting with the star, and finishing with the circle around. Imagine this being carved into the door in a protective, continuous line, like an electronic trip wire. The color is whatever your imagine it, mine tends to be bright blue. Focus on your intent as you do this. Picture negativity as a black ball bouncing off this protective sign that you are placing there. Imagine it as a faceless being, screaming and running away at the sheer sight of it. Whatever works, but remember, you are imagining a warning sign, a warding away of evil, and treat it accordingly.


After you finish your warding symbol, bring the knife up towards the sky, then down to the ground. Speak: “As above, so below, protect this place, with a positive flow. So Mote It Be.”*



After this, you are, for all intents and purposes, finished. However, to add an extra oomph, you can light a black candle and a white candle simultaneously or burn a cleansing incense like bergamot. I, personally, prefer to relax with a cup of nice hot tea.



I hope this helps you find peace in your home.


* The spoken parts are just suggestions…feel free to substitute your own words. It does NOT have to rhyme, but it should flow freely.



Disclaimer: I make no claims that this will immediately fix all negativity in a house. Some houses require multiple cleansings, and some need to be evaluated for sources of bad energy. For example, I once could not cleanse my home for the life of me, and after 6 months, I found out why. I was holding a package for a friend from another friend, and inside, was an old ouija board. She did not even know it was there, and we got rid of it. Sometimes items can hold onto and can leech out negativity, despite the many attempts to cleanse a space.